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a new week…

April 28, 2014




So thankful…

  •  last week is over.
  • that I learned so much.
  • for this sweet baby number 8 who is so proud of herself … standing in the middle of every room.
  • a very very chilled out but packed house Sunday Dinner.
  •  my Benita leaps up to be milked …. some things are easy.
  • day by day I am learning to milk her …
  • for the friend who told me to “allow yourself to be a beginner”
  • for texts from South Africa about baby lambs and good mama sheep to come.
  • this art class I am co-teaching on Saturday.
  • a sweet encouraging card from a dear friend.
  • the fleece classes I have taken…. I am learning so much.
  • cherry blossoms.
  • for friends healed on the way home from Sunday Dinner.
  • for a full Saturday of getting things done.
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