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May 7, 2014


Some warm weather shined down on us … and thank God for that! I have my garden nearly all in…it may be a week early considering the previous weather… but I can’t take it anymore. The bee ladies are out collecting. Honey is going to be collected in a month or so.

Miss Benita ( the very best sheep in the world) is chugging out 5+cups of milk per day!!!! That is a pretty big deal for a rookie… for her and I. We are allowing ourselves to be beginners… but we are sort of rocking this “being beginners” stuff, at least in the learning to milk and be milked realm. I have then in turn, been churning out ice-cream with the sheep’s milk and chicken eggs. So far, everyone is very surprised when they taste test for me… the reviews have been great! I wish I could let all my readers taste…. I made a coffee version the other day which is …errr…was addicting. We had 10 extra house guests this past weekend from Seattle, Washington and they, of course, brought amazing  Valhalla coffee. Yes, I know it is strange for you to think of me drinking coffee… but they brought award winning beans and when steeped into ice cream…. amazing!
Garden hasn’t missed a beat around here. It is hard to believe she is only 6months old. She is by far the best dog I have ever owned…and easily the best dog I have ever been around. I have had some great dogs in my life… but this one is just so instinctually obedient and on the clock at all times she has made being her owner a cake walk. Which is great, because her job is about to get a lot bigger.


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