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Time to send some crap back…

May 17, 2014



and while we are on the topic of stealing it back… give some stuff back to it’s rightful owner.

the shame

the anxiety

the self doubt

the criticalness

the fear

Right after you steal back your dreams… return  a big stinky sack of those clods.

Because the second you were created He had a perfect Plan for your life and He set it into motion…One that would draw you to Him more and more…One that would bring heaven into view of others.

Knowing this… a thief has plotted, since the second you were born,  on how to steal it all away.  The thief had a plan to thwart the good and perfect plan.

It is so simple… what was the thief always trying to take from you? Was it your self worth? Was it your voice? Was it your dreams?

Well it’s time for you to get your renewed mind.

It’s time for you to give back that shame, that anxiety, that self doubt , that fear… see it in your mind, in a big burlap sack.

No longer is it in this here and now.

You pass it  back to the one who gave it to you… and you will have to do this many times…. because it’s your habit to carry it with you.

But that’s okay… you are renewing your mind.

Or you could lay it in front of Him  … He can make it disappear.

Whatever you do… just get rid of it.


I know it’s hard to imagine not carrying it…watching it, keeping it under control …. ask me how I know.

I know the weight.  I know the lifestyle it creates… the posture you take on.

I also know how strong you are…. you can do this.

You are going after the desires of your heart… the desires He put there…so you return that other crap to the ones who saddled you down with it.

Make room for your dreams that you are stealing back.

You are about to do big things.  Things you have waited a lifetime to do.

What you are about to bring will help me to see heaven on earth.

What you are about to get rid of will stir faith in hopeless hearts.



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  1. Lindsey permalink
    May 18, 2014 9:40 am

    T. Thank you for your faithfulness in writing these. I feel like I have the most amazing cheerleader cheering me on!!! Yelling at my enemy to back the hell off of me….and to tell me to keep going even when I feel like I’m losing. You are Heaven coming to earth. What an amazing gift to me from Him you are. Love you.

  2. Shari R permalink
    May 19, 2014 8:53 pm

    Hi T. Wow! Thanks for giving words to what I’ve been puzzling over for a while now. I don’t recall how I found you in the first place but I am grateful to God for whatever click led me here. God bless you and your family.

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