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A Charming Southern Gentleman

May 19, 2014














I got a call a few days before my birthday.  The breeder we bought Benita from called  and with a very thick , very charming deep south accent he went on to say, “Ma’am I am just heart-broken about what happened to your lamb… now I called your husband to get your number… and I don’t know if you can convince him to drive back here… but I would like to offer you a ram…any one you want.  Then you can have many babies next year.  It just brought tears to my eyes when you said the lamb had died… I could barely talk… and I have been thinking… I would be willing to part with a ram if you can get someone to come down here and pick it up.”

And that is how we got Ludo.

Ludo is huge and gentle.  I can barely believe how well mannered he is.  I can’t even begin to understand how Andy Karras has anywhere from 500-1000 head of sheep (at different points of the year) and yet he manages to raise the best behaved sheep.  You have already met Benita… you know how perfect she is.  I have had sheep in my lifetime… all mainly coming from small flocks with plenty of human interaction.  I admit… I thought perhaps Benita was a fluke… she is so kind and tame…. but a big bossy ram?!  I was unlatching Ludo out of the truck and thought, “Ok here we go – this shall be a sheep rodeo.”  Nope.  He follows us about just like Benita.  He is at ease just like she is.  I was raised around champion race horses my whole life and I will tell you  what…. if this Andy Karras raised thouroghbred race horses he would be winning the Kentucky Derby , the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes.

I guess this is all to be expected from a shepherd who stops for the one.





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  1. lesslea317 permalink
    August 4, 2014 2:36 pm

    This is a beautiful review and so true! I love my sheep from Andy. Everyone who comes to the farm comments on how friendly and spunky they are. It looks like you have a nice place there. God bless you!

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