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Getting it all together

May 29, 2014











Oh this time of year always seems to catch me a bit off guard.    We wrapping up the school year and all that goes into that.  There are things we could have done better… but over all the work which was accomplished is quality and for that I am glad.  I am trying to come up with a summer plan.  These children of mine thrive on waking up and getting to their work… they are like German Shepherds that way.  If they have a job or schooling they get to it… but if not they sort of will just pace a rut in your yard…so to speak, of course.

This baby of ours is trying to keep up…and that means first steps!  So sweet to see her little knee bending and foot lifting…and before she can realize what is happening she is a step or two closer than she was.  But of all my babies she is the crawliest…and most surely the happiest.

I don’t think I mentioned it… but at my birthday this HusBen of mine ,in hopes of softening the loss of the baby lamb… he bought me a little flock of sheep.  I didn’t mention it because I didn’t know what to think and then Ludo was offered to me… and everything kept happening so fast.  This whole thing has happened so fast… each time I think I am getting a routine another thing is added or changes.  This man who makes my dreams into realities, he brought me… a little spotted ram (before we knew that Ludo was going to be added), a little girl lamb and a pregnant ewe.  The little dairy he bought them from is owned by a little retired couple and is run by a busy Amish man.  The sheep are very sweet….. albeit not anywhere at all as intelligent and good looking as the ones from Karras Farms.  I named them after rocks…. Agate (pregnant), Rose ( as in quartz) and Flint .   I actually consider these sheep, especially the pregnant one , Agate, to have perhaps swam in a very shallow gene pool, ahem.  But it doesn’t help their case that Benita and Ludo are  sheer sheep genius. So we shall see what happens.  After what happened in the spring I have very low expectations for the birth of this new lamb.  What ever happens , we shall know soon enough.


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