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Soldier on.

June 2, 2014


An amazing weekend.  So far away from our farm … but yet close enough that I was surprised to never have seen it before.  I will admit I become a hundred years old when it comes to going away on  trips.  I immediately think of a million things I could be doing.  I mentally remind myself (on repeat) why I would not  be missed at this event and they will get along fine without me.  Growing up I was often left home with my two adorable brothers… and the adventures were left to the others.  I can’t say that I much minded… it was all I knew… and to this day I would gladly stay home to spend a whole day with my two adorable (now very grown) brothers.  So when it came to going I called an adventurous friend of mine, “How do you do it… I need to be you… to put everything aside… to be you”

“You have no grid for this… this isn’t your normal.  I have a feeling you are going to love this… but to leave and to get there… you just need to soldier on. ”

Deep breath.

Anxiety didn’t touch me.

I had given it back to the one who it belongs …

but stepping out and knowing that it really worked is something entirely different.

You have to soldier on.

I arrived at this beautiful estate… and the pictures don’t do it justice.  Fountains burbled.  Stone castles seemed to scrape the clouds. Horses climbed grassy hills. Manicured paths curled through lovely forests .  Massive windmills spun lazily.  Weddings were being strung with flowers and lights. And this son of mine who becomes more man and less child every day, played for the crowd .

Soldier on.

Climb the hill.

On the other side ,will be so worth it.

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