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Season of Guests

July 21, 2014









I am so thankful…

For the season of guests! I love July!

For sitting around in pajamas with strangers, now friends and sipping tea.

For staying up way way late with cocktails and friends

for my son who loves to milk in the barn with me

this baby who tells me to “Suss Suss” with her finger to her mouth as she rocks her doll.

for new elderberry plants

for reaching the bottom of the seasonal zucchini drawer

for ice cream o’clock shared with people from Oklahoma, Kansas, Virginia Beach, Australia and South Africa all in one day.

for miraculous healings all weekend long

for the miracle of  food that never ever runs out no matter how many show up

for dresses on sale… so nice.

for little girls who play “Fake church” on the hill…. their little voices singing high and heaven laying low

for expansion upon expansion upon expansion in the guitar business





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