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Gathering up lessons

July 28, 2014

Things I have learned by being surrounded by great people from all over the world within the past few weeks….




DSC_0487 ~




people are very revolutionary and revelatory when in either pajamas or swimsuits….albeit I have never heard them speak to the masses, I am normally home resting when they are in front of people all properly dressed and such.

French Jazz is great background music and isn’t just for places like Express and The Limited in the 90’s…

… we were not created for performance … if you operate from a place of fear you can’t love…You will always be judging  and caught up in the performance of others… either you will fear they will be better than you or that they will not be good enough, either way you can’t love from that spot….  We must love people as they are right now.

freedom doesn’t always feel as intense as the original trauma … Freedom is a peace that you find your self walking in.

when you find yourself in freedom and healing… just take a second and feel it… really feel it… then celebrate it with someone.

celebrating with friends is better than dessert

no matter how late a great speaker is… they will always take a few scoops of great sheep milk ice cream… no arm twisting needed.

we are very blessed with safety in this country… we take it for granted all walking around talking on cell phones all out in the open.

all the most perfect houseguests end up in my house.

this is never it.… there is always more good coming our way… heaven is just overflowing with it.




and we aren’t even done yet…

but I will say….

I shall sink back into my quiet little life quite satisfied  after all this… oh my


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