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my girl…

August 10, 2014





I remember walking up to this girl right here, many years ago and saying… “Hey we are going to be best friends so we mise well introduce ourselves…”  She looked back and agreed.  Now that may not be the best way about getting a friend… but I just knew there was something about her.  A year later she walked up to me after hearing we would be leading up P.F.W. and said, “Hey…I know you don’t know me all that well… but I want to help out… can I babysit your kids… sing on Saturday nights…anything.. I want to be part of this.”   That was that… we hung out every Saturday for two years.  She would call me her twin only I am “500 years older”.  Five hours after I birthed my 8th baby she showed up and climbed into bed with me and wondered why I was having afterpains if the baby was out… I think I whispered shut up.  I have sat and spoken into her life and she has inspired me with Truth she didn’t even know she knew… but I have always seen it in this one… I know who she is…who she will be.

So when she asked me to be in the wedding  I knew I would throw her a shower.    Because I love her.  I love her heart for children in this country and for kids in other countries.  I love how she will give up her self to be filled by Him.  I love how she loves regardless.  I love how honest she is.  I love how she can put my kids on time out if they need it  or hug them.  I love how she has had to scrap for joy and she knows what that looks like in others.  She’s pretty much  golden in my book.

I have gotten to celebrate a lot of people in the past month…so it seems only fitting to go out with a bang and celebrate one of the best girls I know!


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