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and we are back!!!

August 25, 2014






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Oh what a great life I  get to lead!!!   We haven’t had Sunday Dinner for two weeks because the HusBen has been at guitar events every weekend. He has been a hobnobbing machine… I think they call it work.. but sitting around with musical celebrities passing around guitars doesn’t really sound like “Work” in my book.  Granted I could manage Sunday Dinner on my own… but I think the guys who show up would be a little deflated to find him gone.  Yesterday was our first week back and people poured in.  It was awesome.  Strangers turned friends walked in with beautiful sleepy babies.  I love when people take some ownership of SunDin (see what I did there). Something about not being asked and someone picking up full dishes from the kitchen and heading to the dining room makes me feel  like my heart is smiling. Like we have something deep down good going on here.  And I smile a bit bigger when those helpers are single men… I smile bigger and want to find them a perfect wife, just saying.

So this morning I am just bursting with Thanks…

  • Meeting new friends
  • Early morning dance parties with my kids….He rejoices over us… and we dance up a storm!…”Signed Sealed Delivered”
  • new candles
  • my grass is still green! which in our neck of the woods isn’t normal for this time of year.
  • Slowly but surely getting the best sheep “dried off” for Autumn.
  • I love love LOVE my sheep. I love love all the learning I am experiencing.
  • walking into the living room and my kids sitting together on the couch and my oldest daughter reading aloud to them… my heart just about burst.
  • Some of my very dearest most loved friends and original SunDin peeps flying to England to the David Tent  Event… Are you going my UK readers????  Please do… practically all of Sunday Dinner will be there!…except me… I won’t (sniff),  I wanted too…(humph)maybe some other epic event (phhhph) … but all my friends will be…(sigh) no really I am happy about it…I mean …I am. (kicks a rock)


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