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Squeegie Grapes

August 28, 2014









So the story goes…

When I was very small my great grandmother got a phone call while she gave me a bath.  Now just so you don’t think my great grandmother was negligent…know that most puddles are deeper than the baths this woman would give. I am not sure why this very generous woman was so stingy with the bath water we lived on a well… a very deep well so there really wasn’t any reason to hold back.  If there was 2 inches in that tub it was a sure sign it was winter..I guess she thought that would thwart the chill…. But it was September so I was probably sitting in a healthy inch of water. …  either way…  When she returned to the bath tub I was gone!  She looked through the house and started to get a bit nervous.  How far could I have gotten?  Well there she found me up at the grapes just free as a bird.

This week we often find the kids out at the grape arbor.  Squeegie grapes can brighten any day…there is nothing like them.   Maybe it’s a local thing…I don’t know.  My HusBen enjoys the grapes… but he doesn’t get joy in his heart the way the rest of us do, when we find a really big cluster.  Even the baby gets right to it.  She knows to lift the leaves… to find a cluster and how to drink out the center and throw the skins to the chickens.




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