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Dealing with it…

September 1, 2014









I hadn’t the right tools when I found the burrs growing up  in a shady corner of the pasture.  I was ill equipt.  Then, out of sight… out of mind.

The lush green grew up around it, shrouding them… and the burrs were less visible.

I wish I would have dealt with it right away.  But then I didn’t have the proper tools, like I said.

So they grew.

Now there are so many all stuck together….no longer growing in a far off part.  Now they are right up next to me.

What was so far away ,is now demanding my attention.

It was overwhelming.

It is overwhelming.

But one by one is the only way.  To look at all the burrs is too much.  Some are still too close to the skin…so I will let those grow out a bit more.

So daunting to deal with such a project.

Some things we should have dealt with long ago…. but either way now or then they will get dealt with.


A good Shepherd  picks off the prickly hurts brought up from the low places.






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  1. Carol permalink
    September 1, 2014 5:29 pm

    Why are we so slow to use the tools He supply us? We let it get so bad.
    It hurts so much more later.
    Keeping on top of it makes so much better sense.

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