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and we danced…

October 5, 2014










I held my breath all day.  Today was the day we were preparing for all these months.  You never know with kids in a wedding.

But early that morning He told me… “I have already gone before you… and I will be by your side and in front of you like a lion, all day.”  But still…a part of me held my breath… ya know, for the children.

In the flurry and fury of little white flower girl dresses and the snap of ring bearer suspenders I focused. I laquered each child with enough hairspray to last the week let alone the night.  The girls squealed  when I opened the mascara.  I didn’t stop them.  I didn’t quiet their excitement.

Feel that?

Feel how He takes you to great places.

Feel how He prepares a Way.

Feel how He quiets your fears and lets your soul soar with Joy.

It’s for you.

Don’t sedate it.

Feel the steady beat of His foot steps beside you.

We piled in the car… and before I let them out of my sight and into the care of aunt… I took a picture.

My eyes filled up….

“Lord what did I ever do?… How great You are… that You would give me these humans to travel through life with.  These amazing talented people who love me.  That You would make these babies in me or bring them to me?  Oh You are so good.”

and in a chorus of ,”momma I love you”s and with the smell of hair gel and fruity lip gloss they were gone.

When we saw each other  again,it was as they walked down the aisle in a swirl of rose petals… and my heart beamed to break through my chest.  These girls! These boys!

and then… we danced the night away.

and I mean we danced.


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