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Wedding Whirl Weekend

October 6, 2014

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With a belly full of wedding cake and her flower girl braids falling out in a blonde halo she pipped up from the darkness of the back seat as we drove home,
“Momma? Now that they are married…what happens if A.J. wants purple curtains and Hannah wants white curtains? What do they do then?”

How do you explain to a questioning four year old little girl and that preteen girl in the front seat…

The question on who is in charge … of the curtains.
Do you lose your identity…. where the curtains are concerned.
Will you have to forever submit … your love of white draperies.
Is he in charge even when his choices clash with everything else…
Will your upholstery giftings be second rate to his attempts?
Can you excel at your window decorations….even surpass him…or will he feel less of a man.


when the curtains close… who are you?

and then

“maybe whoever is the best at it…they could pick it out… and other times they could just get both… Then they can have it all.”


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