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Autumn Prophesy

October 9, 2014


We do not need the fires crackling just yet.  At least not in the house… s’mores round the campfire is an entirely different matter.  But the windy days, the ram in the back pasture with all of his ewes, the leaves starting to loose their green , all points to colder mornings in our near future.    So we gave all our fireplaces, and we have many, an inspection.  I dug out all but a bit of ash , vacuumed the inside walls and looked for anything amiss.  With firewood ordered we brought as much of last year’s wood into the house.  Isn’t it always the way… you start to clean one thing and it leads to another and another. Book baskets are put together and  quilts laid over nearby chairs. I do love how our children become easier and easier to find as we light the fires.   Summer takes them all over the countryside… but the heat of a wood stove draws out the chess boards and well loved books.   They all crouch around like resting rabbits reading different sections aloud that intrigue them.  Every so often they argue about which move is “cheating” in the current chess game.  The simmering pots are all washed out and sitting on top just waiting for orange peels and cinnamon sticks.

It will all be very cozy.


I am very happy with any warm weather lasting as long as it wants.  I am  in no rush, this year, to be in cold weather.

On another note….

Isn’t it crazy how this time of year everyone comes out with their “end of days” prophesies?!  My entire life it seemed that autumn marked the start of everyone ,”in the know” claiming the sky is falling.  I can’t even count how many times, growing up , the world was going to end.  I just heard yesterday a very well known prophet talk about his most recent dream and of course it was of a dire circumstance.  I feel like , at this point, they should start putting two and two together and realize that maybe… just maybe they have a God given instinct to harvest, to collect, to store, to hunker down, to stock up , to prepare for shorter days ahead.  A God given instinct… like, since the beginning of time. And that instinct doesn’t necessarily mean the world is ending.  Sure, the end of world will happen at some point or even next month… but what are you going to do about it?  Your 4 cords of firewood and 2 cases of bottled water aren’t going to get you through it.  That being said… I think we should all be preparing for the next season.  Because it may not (or may) be ISIS… but it very well could be an ice storm and being prepared well in advance will bring you a lot of peace.

And Peace is good.


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