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It’s the best video ever…

October 11, 2014

Ok… its a rabbit herding sheep in Sweden.

That one fact is amazing and intriguing. If I could have a rabbit that would do something other than poop and shed I would be thrilled. That little bunny is cutting and weaving… and I noticed a ram in the mix ,which could cause plenty of hassle… but not for ole Bugs. However… take a close listen to the Flanagan and Allen lyrics that are dubbed over , what I can only imagine, is a bunch of Ikea furniture name sounding Swedish words. Those lyrics… that catchy jingle… I am hooked! Everyone in the house has been humming that snazzy tune! The baby is absolutely addicted to the video. There is nothing not to like about this….except that it isn’t my rabbit herding my sheep!

and for those reading in email here is a direct link
and you are welcome.

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