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Pent up…

November 4, 2014



Some days on a lucky Sunday Dinner…. a young man … a very strong ,some may say “full of himself”  young man shows up.  A strapping kind of a guy who is a few weeks from getting married… his bride half a world a way. A guy with that much pent up….err frustrations is just the man for the job of fixing the posts in the pasture ….with Ludo.  Needless to say there was some pushing about while he hammered the posts in. Neither of them knew much about each other yet  Ludo could sense this guy had something to prove.  It being Sunday Dinner, lent itself to everyone filling my studio in hopes for a good laugh.  It was funny to watch each of them not back down… each loyal to their post, so to speak.

Some days Sunday Dinner is about working out frustrations in a safe  environment.

I bet they both slept better that night.

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