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Why we are here…

November 10, 2014







Some Sunday Dinners are just special.   You watch people come up to a table filled with laughter and food and you can hear them wonder, “is there room for me here.”  Some will find their way… some need you to make way for them.  The ease of poured into relationships can be intimidating as much as it can be warm and inviting.  All the while the babies get passed around the table gobbling up treats from each “aunt” and each “uncle”.   A new baby will soon be passed around this table.  So with a table cleared and a kitchen looking like a tornado had spun in it… we gathered in the cleaner living room.  We insulated around these two soon to be family of three, bringing heaven to earth.  All of us expecting.

and then… pie





and a chorus of Happy Birthday to my very best friend for all her eighty some years.

and then a much needed Long Communion. “What is this life for?”  …

Go and make disciples… it means to go and make real relationships… the kind where you love each other like you love yourself.  It means to look into the eyes across the table and see the Divine work happening there…. and to love that  facet of your Creator that you would otherwise never see.  The more you live this way… the more you live in authentic relationship with other, the more of a Divine Creator you will be honored to see.  Each creation unique.  Each moment a gift.



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