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the new prince

November 25, 2014



Look at the little crown prince.

Like Sarah in the Word, his mama prayed for years. For years she watched the babies passed out to friends and family. We  only met a year or so ago and you would never know how heavy her heart was for a baby of her own. She was always laughing … always joking …scooping up the babies and whispering or squealing joy into their hearts. Just like Sarah she laughed and laughed when she finally saw the little plus sign that she had waited for.
I remember the Sunday Dinner where they called this “our little tribe”… and I teared up and held it in my heart…still do.
I remember the Sunday Dinner when she said she wouldn’t be back without her baby as she took her very pregnant self out the door.
I remember thinking … Oh you will be back one more week…. and they were.
That next week we all got around them… made them our “first priority“.
I remember her going into labor a day or two later.
They skipped just  one Sunday Dinner.
I tried to insist on more…”stay home… rest… we will be here.”
The first boy born into Sunday Dinner.    Crawling and walking around him is nothing but baby girls.
He didn’t know what hit him as we all cooed and tucked him in.
This is what a tribe looks like… a bunch of “aunties” clucking about….”get him a blanket”… “is he hungry” … “maybe a burp” … “what a boy … just look at him”…”oh my gosh look at his little toes!” … “get his socks back on”…
Our little tribe now has the long awaited little crown prince.

He’s pretty fabulous.

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  1. Loraine permalink
    November 25, 2014 12:39 pm

    Lucky Little Fellow to have so much love surrounding him. Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

  2. November 25, 2014 2:26 pm

    Oh, precious, precious babies. What a treasured gift he is and what joy there is to be found in celebrating new life as a community!

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