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Songs of Sorrow Songs of Hope

December 10, 2014

I am so happy to sit here and have to opportunity to celebrate something awesome that is about to happen

go ahead and click play (the orange circle on the picture) …

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I will keep writing…


I know right!

You can feel the travels in a voice of a man who has circled this earth for Him countless times. You know this man… you know his family … you have watched his babies right here over the years. It’s Steven Schallert, you know from Cape Town, South Africa. Him and his wife have built an amazing community there. I have been honored to get to know them when they are in the States…

I remember when I fell in love with his one song , Oh my Ancient Heart.

I remember when I first met them and I came close to hitting him in the chest… well sort of…

This past summer you saw them at Sunday Dinner a few times… Oh How He Loves and Season of Guests


So after waiting years we are only a few days away…. December 18 to be exact.





Until Songs of Sorrow /Songs of Hope is officially released I will just keep listening to what I have…

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