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December 26, 2014


Have you ever needed guidance? Those moments when words fail you but you just need to be guided to Him. Those moments when this life is pushing in from both sides and you need to gently elbow through the crowd of responsibilities to a place where it is just you and Him. That Drawing that pulls you… pulls you right in the place that is seeking Him… if you have felt that… if you know it so well… you will love Tower by Andrew & Jessica Aitken .

Son of bluegrass artist and daughter of a treasure hunter ,Andrew & Jessica Aitken , will take you on spiritual  journey that up until recently you had to be lucky enough to be in the right country to hear.  I want you to listen to this.  There I said it.

These two are awesome.

I have begged this album for you for years.

Not only do I want you to buy this album… I want you to comment and leave a review.

But most importantly I want to put this album in your hands… or your computer.

I am giving  away 5 albums  as a Merry Christmas to my readers.

So the first 5 readers who are subscribers to Aseedinspired ,who email me at aseedinspired@gmail   with Subject : Tower Giveaway , telling me one way (or more) you promoted this album on  Social Media (i.e.Facebook, Instagram or what have you). Please include the email you want me to send the album to.

I will so very gladly gift you this album.





Tower – Single – Andrew & Jessica Aitken
Tower – Single – Andrew & Jessica Aitken

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