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another whirl…

January 9, 2015














The house is clean.

I started planning much earlier in the week… to give this idea another whirl.

I took notes… all the preparation that needed to be tended to … to make space … big space for Him.

It all seems so easy now.. He makes the way.

For now the list is small….

The wood stacked high inside our home.

The animals bedded down for the night… a few extra flakes of hay for good measure.

Everyone is excited that the sun is setting.

All are happy to contribute to a time of pause… of rest… of peace all out of an obedience to Him.

The bread is warm and glowy as the sunlight fades.

The   convincing chorus of , “before the sun sets” repeats from excited little voices who love this crazy idea of Resting.

It’s nearly time…





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  1. January 12, 2015 11:02 am

    Such a beautiful collection of photos, T. That bread looks so delicious – I hope you had a precious time breaking bread with your family this weekend.

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