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Sometimes Sad January

January 16, 2015




Oh sad little January you will not take me down without a fight.

I really had hope for January this year.

Maybe it was string of grey overcast days.

Maybe it was the cooped up kids.

Maybe… and probably for sure.. it was my sleepless nights with a  soppy coughing baby who would only sleep if her   feverish cheek was touching mine.

Perhaps a collection of those things snuck up and snatched my good attitude.

Because all of a sudden it was gone.


Oh January… this is not my first time meeting you.


So a few tricks for you that worked like a charm for me … to out trick  ole’ January

  • Learn something new…bake some bread, basket weaving, that weird Canadian sport where they float pucks across the ice… not hockey the other one.
  • Read those books that you think you will read all year long … just power through one or two in a race before the end of the month.
  • Meet for coffee… or tea and catch up with friends.  Your left brain will tell you, “you don’t have time”… trick yourself into thinking you will only stop by for half an hour.
  • Meet for drinks and french fries… put those babies to bed early and sneak out after seven.
  • Get. Out. Side…. I know it is a tundra out there and birds are frozen stiff to the branches… bundle up and breathe deep… just for fifteen minutes will change you.
  • Dance party.  Crank up some cheesy 80’s or early 90’s music and let the rhythm get you!
  • Flowers for you… Flowers for friends… Place flowers in your home… by your bed or workplace…and take some to your friends.
  • Give of yourself… donate time or clothing… or food… it is a proven fact that you will be blessed.
  • Take vitamins… if there is ever a time that you will piddle around with taking vitamins (And then slowly forget) its January.  B’s, C’s and D’s… and fish oils go along way.
  • All my ladies.. have you found out the wonderfulness that is progesterone cream?  Seriously.  The happiest lotion on the market.  I am no doctor.. so you need to do all your research… however, we women burn up progesterone when we are stressed… therefore a waterfall of other bad symptoms take place.  Try not to become an addict… good luck with that.

What are some ways you out wit and out play January?





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  1. Lynne permalink
    January 16, 2015 7:45 pm

    Here in Brisbane, Australia it is so stinking hot that I`m getting claustrophobic from staying in one room with the air con on! The humidity feels like it is about 546% and you can get sunburnt in about 7 minutes. But early in the morning and after 6pm is lovely – well, much better anyway. Still can`t sleep without a fan. Don`t know how I`d cope with snow.

  2. Loraine permalink
    January 19, 2015 9:51 am

    I work Farm Show. Before it starts, I get ready for it. Then it begins. I breathe deeply before I enter the Complex and again when I leave. Then Farm Show ends and I’m so relieved, I don’t care that it’s January. I spend the rest of the month getting rid of the cold (aka Farm Show Crud) I got while there!

    And, I think that sport is called Curling. Don’t know why because I never see anything curly.

    Be blessed and think ahead to your seed catalogs. After all, February is only 11 days away!

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