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enough is enough

February 6, 2015



It has been a tough week…

The almost dying thing was made more real by the fireplace guy coming out and confirming if my HusBen hadn’t gotten up at 3am we would have “surely died”.  The idea of making my children into orphans… or to think of them finding us dead is a sobering  thought.

A prized pet passed away… and a (way) less prized  sick animal is being tended to in the barn.

Then to cap it off… sometimes parenting is tough.  We are currently navigating through tricky waters… it is  a test to their character and to the parents we have set out to be.  It’s tough watching your child go through things when you want to save them … sometimes you want to save them from themselves.  If only we could protect them from everything… it can be a scary world out there.   However, my job is to raise them… not isolate them, not to control them, not to make them into what I want… but guide them into the people He wants.


So with many tears  behind me this week… I climb into this day of rest.  I have lifted everything and everyone up to Him… and now all I can do is lay myself down and rest.

I can snuggle this happy baby and be thankful we are alive.

I can love past the child who is struggling to figure it out.

I can check on these healthy sheep and praise God that they are getting close to lambing.

I can roll out homemade noodles  full of doughy goodness and slip them into a saffron broth of comfort food.

The sun will set soon…

and He is calling us to rest…

enough is truly enough….


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  1. Opa Cassel permalink
    February 6, 2015 10:25 pm

    Praise God in all things both good and bad. Jesus comes to us in the highest of times and especially in the lowest of times. Romans 8:28 Love in Christ from Opa

  2. Carol permalink
    February 7, 2015 12:08 pm

    Thank goodness He stands in the gap with us…
    No matter how high or how low He is there.

  3. Loraine permalink
    February 9, 2015 9:44 am

    Praise God for His protection! And, with you and Ben as parents, your child will find their way through and have a great testimony on the other side of the issue. Hang in there….soon there will be fuzzy little (hopefully ewe) lambs to cuddle.

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