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crazy good !!!

February 13, 2015


We hoped the kids would not hear all the noise we were making.
“Oh my goodness give me some more.”
“this is crazy good”
“where did you learn to do this?”
“a girl from the U.K. taught me.”

These are “crazy good” brownies. I am no baker… I can cook for days.. but baking is not my thing… if there are brownies in this house they are from a box. But Hannah’s brownies on Instagram looked  so so good….too good to be true. I couldn’t stop thinking about them… so I asked her for the recipe.  She converted it for my American kitchen and I was skeptical… I mean, I could just make brownies out of a box right? I could never make brownies like Hannah… she is a professional baker with her own sought after pop up bake shop. So I decided to call it a homeschool education venture… even if they were a flop it was still a learning experience.  Besides how could they taste as good as they looked!  Well, they do and now we are ruined forever. These are “crazy good”. AND… I forgot to put in the vanilla (I told you I stink at baking)… but I had put in some salt so maybe that helped.  They are fudgy and deep… and they have that texture you really want in a brownie…just absolutely extravagant but oh so easy to whip up!
You have to

… have to

..have to make these sexy little brownies.

I know you don’t have any vanilla sheep’s milk ice-cream handy… so I guess you could use some regular ice cream… I mean these brownies will steal the show! Don’t forget the strawberries… the sweet with the tart is as good as it gets this side of heaven!


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  1. Laura Eitland permalink
    February 13, 2015 9:58 am

    Hello T, Do you share the wonderful brownie recipe??? Love to have it if you do as I love to bake and always love new recipes!!!!!

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