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It’s all so crazy …

March 23, 2015

“We have something for you… It’s set up in the other room,” my very dearest friend Jess told me.  I must have looked terrified because she immediately put her hand on my arm, “It’s okay, ” she laughed…”It’s really good.”

As I came around the corner with all of Sunday Dinner trailing behind me…” We put  it out on Facebook ,to anyone who has come to Sunday Dinner in all these years… to send you cards of thanks… You both have done so much… we just want you to see a glimmer of how thankful people are for all that you do. ” My studio  was packed with gifts. I looked around with my eyes brimming with tears and my mouth laughing, “So crazy… this is so crazy.”

To feel my heart swell…

To feel the warmth pouring out of my studio….

To read the cards from voices from all over…

To see my HusBen shake his head and his eyes liquify….

I burst out in a blubbery cry, “A trash can!  Whoever did this, knows us! ” Our trashcan has been broke for a long while and I never think to replace it… You would have to be the type to come to Sunday Dinner and see that need and to fill it…”This is so crazy…”

To know that people love like this…. I am a puddle.

I just make food.

We just open our home.

We love these people… but still… This is all so crazy.

The cards with the stories…

The delicious treats….

The visions and prophetic words…

The hand felted pillow from an amazing artist… I know that took so much love and time…

The 1920 kids who went out and posed for a hilarious picture… I love it so much I cried.

To the people who sent dishtowels! I LOVE IT! We are practically out of the two huge baskets of dishtowels… who knows where they go… and now they have been replenished!

For the wooden declaration of what He told you about me… I mean… I can’t…  I felt my heart swell into my throat with love.

For these collections of items that made you think of us… I love more than ever.

For my dear friend who is one of the queens of amazing ideas … I can’t believe all of this… But I choose to override everything I was taught about people and to believe..

Because people are so good.

You all are so good.

We are so thankful.

You have all taught us so much

I can’t finish a sentence…

It’s all just so crazy….



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  1. Loraine permalink
    March 23, 2015 2:22 pm

    How special! I’m sure these friends wanted to bless the blessers! It may just look like Sunday dinner at the Nys home, but to so many it means so much more. Enjoy the blessings from the people you have blessed so well.

    • March 23, 2015 5:17 pm

      thank you… I feel like this is such a rare thing!
      Hey Loraine… in a weird turn of events/ coincidence a huge chunk of our crew was up at your Camp NeverEnds leading worship. They showed me pics and I was like”Wait I have been there!”
      They loved it.

  2. Jean permalink
    March 23, 2015 2:56 pm

    Aww, and now you have me in a “puddle”! You truly are a servant to so many and it just bubbles out of your heart. I don’t think you could stop it if you tried…..Enjoy every letter, every card, every gift.

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