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More lambs…

March 25, 2015


In all the beautiful Kingdom that blew through here on Sunday I forgot to mention…. these two cute little dorks were born this past Saturday.  Two strong little girls!  So it was a cracker jack weekend.  My son Zim has a way with calming the strongest of animals… so when he asked if he could go out with me for the birth I said, “sure but wear snow pants it’ll be messy”.  Agate is a discount sheep… and albeit she makes a great milk…she is not great to deal with…a bit mean and dumb as a rock…God bless her and all that (ahem). So bringing Zim was a good idea…. he held Agate and when the second baby came out he helped dry and run for more towels.  My favorite quote of the morning was, “You know I like lambing just fine… but when I was born upstairs I didn’t have to see all that jazz,” he said as he swung a thumb in the direction of the afterbirth.

In other news my right hand helper in the barn is smiling  and well again , as is the baby!    So all the sheep are back to being serenaded as they dive into grain buckets.  This girl can climb a fence or fling a flake of hay or round up a new lamb for shots like she’s been doing it her whole life…all with a smile and a song… and God help us all , a seemingly endless supply of new boots.

So with almost all the lambs safely born (still have one at the end of April) and  four out of five being girls which in the dairy world equates to a great blessing!and… All of my babies are finally over that retched belly bug. and….  We are currently through only half of our hay storage…that is a giant Hallelujah!  Then as if all that blessing wasn’t  enough…  I had that out pouring of love on Sunday…  We are feeling pretty charged and thankful around here!

 He is so good.


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  1. Loraine permalink
    March 26, 2015 9:29 am

    Two ewe lambs! You might have to give that discount sheep a little more respect! And a young, shepherd-in-the-making, what could be better! Quality time, not to mention the help. He is go good!

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