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every single day.

May 12, 2015




I can remember growing up with the stories of some long ago woman who would become a great  great great great grandmother to me… she would rock in a rocking chair on the front porch of that big brick farm house.  As she healed from that deep loss only women can feel… she prayed and she read with those rice paper pages of Text fluttering in her lap.  They would say it was what healed her… what helped her to ever get off that rocker and return to life.

I remember for years I would sit on the bench I had slapped together one day in the back yard.  I had ratted out the remains of the wooden hearth that arches over my stove.  I drug it across the yard and dropped it on two stumps… and I sat.  I dedicated all the space in front of me as a Throne Room.  I would sit until I heard Him. Every day for years.

For years I sat. Every day I showed up… every day so did He.

Sometimes a kid or two would come out and sit quietly . They knew this was for Seeking… and for Hearing back.

They know that the whole reason He made us was for us to look back and to choose Him… to choose relationship with Him.

He didn’t create us to save us… not initially … the whole point was so we would hear Him and He would hear us.

We were made so He could get to know us … by our choice.

We were made so we could get to know Him… by our choice.

We were made for His Presence.


Now I sit, every morning in this studio with my cup of tea and my egg sandwich with my rice paper pages of Text open in from of me… and I don’t get up till I hear Him.

Sometimes He speaks through His word.  Sometimes He speaks through the worship blasting out of my computer.  Sometimes it is through the sheep grazing beyond my window… or the child who quietly crept in with eyes closed just drinking it all in.  But mostly He just speaks… because that is why we are here.

There is nothing magical about that old rocker.

or my log bench

or this studio

Today , and every single day, there are things He wants to say to you… and you are the only one He wants to tell it to.

There is so much to be Heard.

Every. Single. Day.


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  1. Pastor Glenn permalink
    May 13, 2015 9:32 am

    so true…so true

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