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Sunday Dinner people in Iraq

May 29, 2015

Lately we have had so many of the people who eat here every week go into the front lines of Iraq.  They have brought back stories that would swell your heart.  They have seen ISIS… they have worshipped within earshot let alone gunshot of the enemy…

My friend Ashley went a month ago.  She came back with pictures of refugees who held up long lists of their dead family which ISIS had slaughtered.  She sat with children and taught them to worship.  She went into the medical clinics on the refugee camps and heard the stories of what was needed.  She met the exAmish couple who runs a ministry right there in the middle of the camp… dishing out bowls of chicken pot pie and beets and hardboiled eggs any PA Dutchy would be proud of.

Daniel Hazelwood kissed his daughter and wife goodbye and headed off into a land that made his homeland of Texas seem cool and breezy.  He walked with our friend Sean Feucht and they met with the children of northern Iraq… they could hear ISIS firing as they handed out Jolly Ranchers to the dirty faces of children refugees.  Children who’s daddy’s didn’t always get to give out that kiss goodbye. Then they loaded into an armed convoy and were escorted right up the front lines… they looked out and saw ISIS… right there. Then they walked the ruined palace of Saddam Hussein.

But you my fine readers… you know these people.  You come here and you see Ashley jiggle my babies and take peas and carrots to our long table.  You have known Daniel and Natalia from way way back when we met them…. and they were “just those people we met last night”. To the people who speak the language and change the atmosphere in Indonesia… you know these people.

See what His people are doing… See what our people are doing…



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