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The Process of Hearing a Creative God.

June 3, 2015


Like a flood tearing through a canyon….it rolls and rumbles up the hill across the pasture. It’s as if the grasses know it and bow and swirl with the intensity of it. I can feel it and a bit of me, around the shoulders, scrunches up just a smidge…
I prepare myself…
make myself available… fling wide the creaky doors of a heart that knows it will be worth it..
and like a huge wave you can not get back to shore ahead of…
I almost hold my breath as it overtakes me and I am immersed , sinking yet being covered, and I hear it all around me…
and I only have a few minutes or moments..
it will continue on..
I need to absorb as much as I can..
I can feel it swirling about me
a thundering
a wooshing
a stampeding of wild words
not one bit of me is left in this world…
complete immersion in it…
but I know like a wave it will pull away, it will lift and go roaring across the country seeking others so willing…
and then its up to me
how much did I take in?
how much can I retain?
How much can I put back out?
I can feel it…
it’s about to lift and I know the time will come to move and move quick.
this is the key to the Hearing and the more important … The getting to Hear again…
so I take another breath… almost in hope that I will bring more of this Heaven into my lungs…
Like a swimmer when the wave pulls back and they are sent to the surface because of their own limitations..
ready set… and it continues through me and I am left standing with it… and now…
Run past the floor that needs swept and shimmy past the toddler…
almost drop my eyes from the screen with a million ideas left open…
hear nothing else…
see nothing else..
get to paper..
maybe to the person…
maybe paints..
maybe the tip taps of a keyboard…
get to what ever It said…
with full arms I drop it upon this cedar desk and I blast music so that I can hear nothing else…

It is a discipline… and if I don’t hurry, all of what I had Heard, will seem to evaporate .
I have to keep my mind loose to everything He said… and yet braced against everything else…

and like the drip drops of the last bits of rain at the end of a storm… it’s gone… and if I didn’t get it.. I won’t have it.
It may come back another day
or never at all

It is always happening
It is up to us to block out everything happening
to make the space..
to leap over the obstacles with full arms from Him…
to get to that place… and drop it and sort through it

He’s been doing it since the start.
It’s why He made us.
More than to save us.. He made us to catch what He was sending out.
Before we were takers we were receivers
like sails of a ship waiting for the next big wind.
like thirsty shores waiting for the next crash of a wave.
like creation waiting from the next Word to fall from the lips of a Creator.



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