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June 17, 2015








Ohh I went on the most wonderful date with my husBen on Monday.  Our very dearest friends invited us out to celebrate a birthday with them.  For many many many years I could never do that type of thing.  I was so gripped by anxiety that it was never even an option.  As we drove to the restaurant I was  moved that even still I do not take my freedom for granted.  I am so thankful to be able to just get dressed up and go out with the love of my life… but I am equally thankful that I am still humbled by His goodness in healing me.  To be in that car and to be smiling is reason enough for my heart to burst in celebration… but then to be able to share the night with great friends… He is so good!


on another note…



I love getting asked to speak places. I love it even more when I get to do it  with people I truly respect and enjoy.   Tomorrow I will be teaching with my dear friend at a worship school. Last year we spoke at an art conference and our class was the best reviewed and most sought after class of the entire event! Can you believe it?! I did not know about this till we were invited to teach at this worship school.  Apparently other people heard about our success (eek) and wanted us both to come to this  school!!!  We will be delving into Unlocking Creativity. I will admit , this time, I am just the smidgiest nervous.  Just a teensy bit.  I have this idea for an in class experiment… it could go any which way based on the students. It’s pretty risky.  However, if it goes as I hope it will be story worthy for sure.  You know I love the response of God to our worship… so it will be something along those lines.

So most of this week has been spent fine tuning what I will present to the class.  We have gotten together and with our combined total of ELEVEN kids hashed out the whole class. Think of what we could do if we did not have to be mothering while we worked!  Then again… it probably keeps us sharp.

I am so excited.

Can’t wait to share it with you.

till then…



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