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Unlocking Creativity

June 19, 2015


What a great experience to teach at a school smack dab between Jeremy Riddle and  Steffany Dawn Gretzinger and Sean Feucht.  That is where they put our class! Seventy-five percent of the entire school signed up for our class. No pressure.  I am glad I did not realize this until afterwards.

First we gave everyone a snack… because how can I not feed people…plus who wants to be in class with low blood sugar! And I took one single picture can you believe it!?

and from there…

It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit show up.

We broke off the lies people believe about creativity .

We taught them how to disciple each other and recognize the lies when they say them or when they hear them from others.

Remember how I told you about the risky experiment?  Well it went beautifully.  At the start of the class we brought out an object and we made them write from a place of humanness…. or your finite being. It could be a lyric, a poem or any thought at all then we had them put it away and we moved on with the bulk of the class with no explanation.  Most perceived it to just be a warm up exercise.  They got so wrapped up in the breaking off of lies and empowering each other they believed that to be the point of the whole class.  Fifteen minutes before the end of class I brought out the same object.   Then we engaged the Holy Spirit , inviting It in to the process …. we made them write again.  Write a lyric, a poem or whatever He is telling you.  As we sat on the fringe praying and they were writing… one would cry, one would laugh and there were more , Woah‘s then I could count.

The beauty of their second writings was jaw dropping.  To see them empowered.  To watch them have their minds renewed was humbling.

Each person writing about the same object and with the same Spirit but seeing the difference of what Heaven looks like in each person’s life was inspiring.

I can see the same things you see but when you bring your gifting, your perspective and your relationship with Him to it… that is the only way I can see that specific glimpse of heaven.  The heaven you bring with your creative endeavors is different then the one I bring…  I want to see more.  I love the way He talks to me.  I equally love the way He talks to you.

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  1. June 22, 2015 10:27 am

    Wow, it sounds like an amazing workshop, T. Next time, please can there be a video stream or recording so others around the world can join in?!! (Just a small request, you know ; ))

    • June 22, 2015 3:58 pm

      In fact we are working on that very thing!!!!!!!!
      So that is going to hopefully become a reality.

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