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Elevation of Ten Years.

August 5, 2015






A few months ago when some of my kids had  head colds my HusBen said, “since we aren’t going to our church this morning, lets watch this church I sold a guitar to  .”  He pulled up the live feed on the computer in my studio and we settled in with our morning tea.

I love Jesus.  However, the modern day man made (man centered and wound centered) church is  not my cup of tea.  The visions and verses He has given me (and everyone else) about what church should look like do not line up to what I see.   I could think of many things I would rather do then sit and watch a live broadcast of a church somewhere else…. regardless of their fine taste in custom guitars.

I had never heard anything like it before.  To think that  ten years ago this Elevation Church  was just in Steven Furtick’s living room.  It makes sense when you hear him speak.  No one is talking about the revelation he is talking about.  No one is empowering people and moving them forward like this church. Handing out the idea of forgiveness  and telling people to pick up their mat and get moving like this church models.    I actually sat there and listened to the same Mat Man sermon twice, it is the best sermon I have ever heard in my whole life.  I could not get enough.  It had to be a fluke.  But the next week  that I stayed home I tuned  in again …. and He spoke through this Steven Furtick about Reaching The Goal… and it was awesome.  Some nights my kids will sit and watch this church’s archives inlieu of evening tv! I mean come on!!!   Steven Furtick seems all “seeker sensitive” in his delivery but the messages are practical, relevant and empowering.

Ten years ago this was just a church  in a living room some where.

Ten Years.

They did a worship night the other night at the Time Warner Cable Stadium.  They sold it out.  I looked it up… that is over 20,000 people.

They played a NYguitar... of course. The live recording album comes out in February 2016.  I am so proud of my HusBen. Like very very proud.  Lot’s of celebrities buy my HusBen’s guitars these days…. this one seems extra special.  This church has given me hope for the modern day church.  I feel like somewhere  people are hearing the same God that I listen to… and they are fearless about putting what He says into action.

Five years ago my husband was made fun of, “You think real manhood is strapping on a guitar… but that isn’t how the real world works.”  I could not be more proud to see some one strap on one of my HusBen’s custom guitars and change the real world.



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