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Dear Justin Bieber …

August 22, 2015

DSC_0995 (1)
(source: September2015 Cosmo)

Dear Justin Bieber,

At Sunday Dinner  they talked about you liking our friends.  I didn’t believe it.  But there in Cosmo you are quoted as liking Jonathan and Melissa Helser.  Well I guess you don’t know them but you did say you like their song, “No Longer Slaves.”  I hope you have since listened to their other albums… specifically their earlier live album, The Awakening…it’s one of my favorites.  Some argued that it was just a P.R. move… but I say no… I think you actually like them.  I think if it was a P.R. move you would have picked someone a bit more recognizable.  Either way it is endearing.  I can’t say I know  too much about you other than old people mispronounce your last name regularly ( and the obvious celebrity factor)…. and you most definitely do not know me or even what Sunday Dinner is…. But you are officially invited.  Many musicians , including the Helsers, have come to Sunday Dinner and they can vouch that you can just be a person here…. in fact if you try and “perform” I will hand you a plate of food or direct you to a comfy chair.   I am sure you have won numerous awards out in the world, others who come here have done the same , some have won grammys… but at Sunday Dinner you will just be a person in a process of evolution.  You can just sit at a table and be family …. and you are officially invited…. because it touched my heart to hear you Searching.  It made me want to reach out to you and include you when I read you applauded my friends.  It is a good song.  You sound like a smart guy.  If you need anything let us know.

Be Blessed,

Everyone here at Sunday Dinner.



(if reading this in email please click here to see the video)

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  1. August 22, 2015 2:47 pm

    A beautiful song! I will share at fb…

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