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Your Migration

August 27, 2015










How about the fact that you are here?

How about that?!

You have come so far and you have overcome so much.

Some of it was pretty crappy…. some of it was down right traumatic.

But here you are.

Right here.

Take a second and think about that.

You have 100% success rate of surviving really hard shit.

You have prayed for things… for people… for situations…

and here you are.

and “here” is not too bad…

and “there” ,right up there in the future, is going to be even better.

but “here” is where you are… so thank Him.

Because of all that has come and gone… He was and is.

I mean there were times where you were pretty unenjoyable… and He stayed with you.

There were times where you thought it was all you… and He stayed right with you.

There were times you wanted to give up…. you wanted to just be a slave again… But He knows who He created you to be.

Sure you still have a ways to go… you still have some slave patterns… but right here He is….

and He whispers to you because He is that close…

He does not need to shout at you… because He is right next to you and always has been….

So when you look back right now and see how far He has brought you…. think about this….

He is taking you somewhere… and He will be with you that whole way,too.

He will be whisper close.


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