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March 21, 2013

Crazy night. Not that it felt that way, at the time

I really wanted to feel something…a surge… a peace.. something!

Regardless of last night… I know today I will never be the same.

This morning things began clicking…all falling into step.


With a thick Australian accent last night,  Fazz declared my path “accelerated, you feel like you are sprinting faster than Him.  You know you aren’t… but sometimes it feels that way…. He is going to give you an acceleration…”.  He said my “vision would become like a telescopic lens” … I didn’t feel much last night.

This morning I awoke to deep revelation for someone… so deep and so vivid.  But at 5am I wondered where to go with it.  Lo and behold the person I had this for ,was wide awake at five.  I shared this personal revelation with them… it was crazy.  I knew things I hadn’t before… I could navigate through the prophetic like I could not discern the night before.

The other Australian man had a different accent… he said he was a country boy.  He shuffled about with his word for me… I side-eyed him and said… “just say it.. I know you are sitting on a word”.  I could feel the drum beat of a word within him… ” ….. it came to try and take your voice, to come and hold your mouth shut… but now you have this new voice….” It was his use of the words new voice, that caught my attention…well that and who exactly he referenced (without any previous knowledge of my personal life) that stood out to me.  I needed these affirmations.  I needed someone who had zero working knowledge of my life… to affirm these things.

I turned  back to the other Australian man….I fumbled about with a word for him.  I didn’t doubt my insight at all… just giving it to him who probably already knew it, was a touch bit intimidating…luckily I am not much for being intimidated.  I mean here is this guy who has traveled the whole world, seen the blind see and has just this week been in spiritual awakening meetings all over the U.S….(like I said good thing I don’t have any fear of this kind of thing!)   The thing is, I had already laid it out as a litmus test all day long.  My prayer earlier had been “if this is all legitimate then give me a way to serve him… allow me a word for him”.    So after hearing all of this and much more… perhaps I didn’t want to be wrong and then it all fall apart.  Thank God for litmus tests and lack of intimidation… because he lifted his brow and affirmed everything I said.  He even went  onto explain how the word was right, which I didn’t need at all.

There was much more… I won’t bore you as they are more specific and too much backstory to ramble on to you about. They will be in and out around here all week… so hopefully I will have even more stories.


Can I give you something…and perhaps you can give me something in return:

Speak the heart of God into someone’s life.  And I know I say it all the time… He loves you!  His heart isn’t about seeing you as a slimy sinner.  You aren’t  Gollum~like.. and if you see yourself that way… you are digesting rotten meat.  He sees you as His creation…stop turning His creation into something it is not…. You are worthwhile to Him.  You are someone He wants relationship with.  You are not some snot nosed beggar on the street ,hands out for coin… Can you hear that?  You are dressed in His clothing… if you are finding you are wearing anything else…Rise up!  Stop forfeiting your God given rights!  You are sons and daughters of a King!  Throughout the day if you are hearing anything else , get your spiritual scissors out and clip it off.  Rise up!


(now if you could give me something…. could someone give me a nice step by step  on how to make a proper cup of English tea?  What would that look like?  Is it stronger or weaker than American?  I am an avid tea drinker… have plenty of the right equipment and a great grade of loose leaf black tea… but I need a walk through on how this Australian needs a cup of “English tea”…so help a sista out will ya?)

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