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A Unique Moment at a Unique Gathering

July 7, 2014




Years ago I worked at a convenience store.  We lost power over night and came into work in the morning to find the ice cream a bit soft.  My manager told me to throw it out…all 35 boxes.  It seemed such a waste… he permitted me to take it all, in lieu of throwing it out.  So I raced it all , on my lunch break, over to my grandmother’s pool where all my cousins (all much younger than me) were lounging poolside on a 90 degree July day.Much to no ones surprise 35 boxes of barely melted icecream was spirit lifting….as if kids spending their summer eating Tastycakes around a grandmother’s pool with not a mother in sight needed spirits lifted!

I guess that joy has always been stashed away within me.






The other night at a unique gathering of women, my  sheep milk ice cream was requested in attendance.  I will tell you I fussed over which flavors to bring. I fiddled with flavors.If you follow me on Instagram you know I am constantly working on new flavors.  I begged opinions and criticisms. I settled on four favorites.  The Meadowmint because it pairs so well with blueberries and tart raspberries.  I have the most decadent Chocolate Wine sheep milk ice cream , it is hands down a crowd favorite.  I also brought a cream cheese cinnamon ice cream again because of how it compliments fruit which was to be in abundance.  I also brought my vanilla bean sheep milk ice cream… it is just over the top simple perfection and I don’t think I can make it any better.  I was surprised when the guests wanted me to explain the flavors and where the ingredients and ideas came from.  This is my current passion and this was the first time I had exposed my little beauties outside of my home.  My nervous heart flipped happily as everyone crooned over my little pints as much as I do.

The guest of honor turned to me, “What made you choose ice cream ”

I felt like a nervous nerd as blurted out words tumbled over each other in a mad dash before I could pull them back, “Well,… I am really good at making cheese and have been making cheese for over a decade… but when you bring cheese people like it… maybe even love it… but everyone is very pinned up about it… but when you dish out ice cream, ” I sighed out as I gestured about the room to all the smiling spoon licking sparkly eyed people, ” people ohh and smile and laugh.”

She smiled wide, “Ohh.. I get it …you like making people happy.” She smiled happily spooning up a melty of so rich chocolate wine which by now had swirled beautifully with the vanilla bean speckled glory taking care to herd a raspberry onto it.

I smiled with my mouth a bit dumbly open,”I don’t know what to do with that, ” I laughed nervously.  “No one has ever said that about me… but… errr… I mean… you are right….I do,” I barely whispered it.  Then some where in my heart a small glowing healing happened.


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  1. Yana permalink
    July 27, 2014 3:06 pm

    I want you to know that it was my idea for you to bring your ice cream. So, that small glowing healing? I took part in that. Also, those are my dishes. So I took part in that too. ❤ thanks for sharing this post. It made me feel a part. Because a few ugly tears were shed that I wasn't.

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