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My views on whipping.

February 16, 2013


I can cook for thousands…well, you have see it. You know I can. But the secret is I can’t bake…I just don’t have the patience for it. Once upon a time I used to make the most incredible cakes (pre-glutenfree days)… but now I just don’t care to. Luckily my patient husband can and my oldest daughter is getting her baking legs under her more and more everyday. So along the lines of baking I really don’t mess around with all the other sweet things which go along with it. After making all those raw cacao covered strawberries the other day we have a box of strawberries left over. So what is a girl to do? Especially when the latest raw gallons of milk are just so obviously cream heavy. Every time I open the other fridge (yes, with our large family we need more than one fridge) I see those thick gallons sitting there just asking to be skimmed. So whipped cream seemed the logical choice ,right?





Can you tell by the collection of skeptical looks my kids are doubtful I will get this right? Hey, I was just as doubtful. I was looking for a certain fluffy texture… which totally didn’t ever manifest. May I add that this little audience didn’t even clue me in that my oldest daughter has already proven herself to be a great whipped cream maker? I hadn’t remembered… so then we called her in. It is actually pretty amazing how many whipped cream experts live in this house…especially when these little rubber neckers just let me fuddle my way through. So finally the pros were called in… but it was too late. Happily it was just for a bunch of us, some of us which were still in our pajamas…so not a really picky crowd.

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  1. February 18, 2013 8:31 pm

    I LOVE heavy cream – whipping it, putting it in a chowder, a creme brulee – oh the lovely things you can make with cream! Your daughter has vision:)

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