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April 3, 2014



There are big things ahead.

You can’t rush them… and you can’t do anything to get there before it’s time.

 But you can prepare yourself,

 and you can be right here

in this here and now  ,you can get your self ready.

let go of all the stuff

shear it off

none of it for waste… even those little shitty parts …

you have learned so much.

Can’t you hear the whole world singing,  

“let it go”

it was starting to pull at you anyway

you are going into great things …

dreams fulfilled

ideas bursting out of your mind and into reality

can you hear a  good Shepherd?

A Shepherd is saying, “it’s okay… I love you… you are going to love where I lead you”


If you don’t follow me on Instagram…. here is some more footage of the sheep shearing here.
And if you follow me on Instagram… come on over. ~T

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  1. Loraine permalink
    April 3, 2014 11:40 am

    You gonna knit a sweater?

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