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Staying for Her Birthday.

November 16, 2012

I found her sitting in the kitchen eating soup in the dark on her 80-something birthday.  “I called and no one answered so I thought I would just leave your birthday gifts for you… but here you are,” I chipped as I flipped on the lights and gave her a look over.    A bit frazzled she replied she had just come home from the hair dressers.  I could see in her eyes I didn’t need to worry…she looked good….in her eyes there was light and a touch of sass.  Not like last year when she tried to fade away.  So I set up the gifts and I explained what I  had brought…

“Do you remember last summer when Ben would tell you that you are the righteousness of Christ….and  every so often you would come up to him again and whisper for  him to repeat it?”

“Oh yes I do!”  I was happy and surprised to see she could reach back into those darker days and pull out those memories. Back then it seemed she was locked in a hallway surrounded by locked doors.  She never remembered one week from the next…or who said what…or how things happened.  But now…she had access to it all.  All the doors open and she can remember who said what…who brought her food..who started showing up at the eleventh hour…who was there all along.  The mind is an interesting place.

“Great…well I painted this for you wouldn’t forget…. So the painting is from me and the verse is from Ben and the girls made you your favorite banana muffins.” She clasped her hands together and looked over everything.

“Sit sit” she said as she picked up the crumbs on her plate with her fingerprint.

So I did… I stayed. I stayed and she has stayed through it all.  She is a hero… the darkness came last year to steal her away and she did everything in her power…and now here she is….celebrating her birthday.

Well I only have 5 minutest today…so here is more of the amazing back story…so sad… but now you know how it ends…so don’t worry!

*How She Didn’t Die.

Sharing with Jennifer at StudioJRU , 5minFriday and PPF.

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  1. November 16, 2012 8:27 am

    … your photos surely do move me …

  2. November 16, 2012 9:04 am

    Loving your pretty bird collage. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. Loraine permalink
    November 16, 2012 9:24 am

    I love your relationship with “her.” All of the “hers” in my life have passed on to their eternal reward and I’m thankful you share your relationship with all of us. You are a blessing.

  4. November 16, 2012 9:43 am

    Beautiful post! Last week I wrote about a special “her” I hope to see next week!

  5. November 16, 2012 11:11 am

    absolutely lovely! HPPF!

  6. November 16, 2012 2:48 pm

    Simply beautiful. The writing, and the art. i enjoyed ‘the rest of the story’ too. Blessed to be here from Studio JRU today.

  7. November 16, 2012 3:08 pm

    Really beautiful and touching! Happy PPF!

  8. Opa permalink
    November 16, 2012 3:24 pm

    Thanks T for your Godly thoughts. Tell Pat I love her and am praying for continued Blessings. In His Name. Opa

  9. November 16, 2012 4:07 pm

    Beautiful T – and I always love your little birdies! I had to go back and read the entire story…such a lovely way of writing it you have!

  10. November 16, 2012 5:08 pm

    Beautiful, artwork and post. Happy PPF

  11. November 16, 2012 7:29 pm

    Yes, there is joy found in their decision to stay! Living this now.

  12. November 16, 2012 8:51 pm

    Beautiful bird and lovely story! 🙂

  13. November 16, 2012 9:08 pm

    the patterns in the bird make it come alive and I like the photo ext to the candle…xx

  14. November 16, 2012 9:20 pm

    Beautifully post, T! You write a story wonderfully. And I love this sweet birdie. Such pretty colors! 🙂

  15. November 16, 2012 10:07 pm

    May it continued to bless others, as everyone stops by and reads your words. m.

  16. November 18, 2012 12:30 am

    Lovely words and beautiful painting

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