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Down but not Out.

November 15, 2012



Well sorry about being M.I.A.  I had messed up my back and woke up yesterday in quite a pinch. It felt like I had a bullet lodged in my back…wonder where that came from?  So I went to the very best kinesiologist in the world…at least in the the United States. I should know as I have tried many  of these types of docs in a few different states…and this guy is the very best.  Now I am  back in working order.  Which is great, because trying to back out of our driveway yesterday, to go to my appointment, I clipped 3 of our apple trees.  I just could not look backward…luckily you don’t have to do too much of that when you drive.  By the time I left his office, I could back up free of bumping into things…which I am guessing in a parking lot really impresses people.

Another thing which happened to me yesterday…  I kept laughing.  It was mildly reminiscent of being 16years old and being drug to the Toronto Vineyard Church. My mom and my grandmother took me…and at 16 I thought it was totally lame…but secretly I thought it very intriguing.  Especially when on one day when my mom said, “yeah sure go into Toronto city”…I guess she didn’t think i would figure out Canadian public transportation being a country girl… she was wrong.  At 16 I took the bus into the city and hailed a few cabs and got back in time for dinner….and now when I think back on it, having my own kids, knowing how big Toronto really is!!! Wow!  So anyway back to the story…  On the way home from  Canada I was struck in the car with the same thing (the laughing)…only way more ridiculous.  If you know what the Toronto Vineyard Church is , then you will understand… if not…well, suffice it to say that is the least of the kind of stuff I saw when I was up there.  Back to yesterday,  it wasn’t that everything was hysterical… I  just couldn’t help but laugh through most things I said.  Which actually, isn’t too bad.  Even though I was in so much pain…I had so much joy.  In case you are wondering… I am not the type to laugh through pain…or labor… or dental appointments…so it was interesting nonetheless.

Oh! another thing.  Something which was also wonderful yesterday, was these flax seed bags.  You are never supposed to use dry heat like heating pads… but these little guys work like a charm.  I think I should make some more. The other great thing is unlike rice socks they don’t smell funky….hence not making you smell funky.  All really great things if you think about it.

One last thing… and I am saying this here mainly to keep track of it somewhere…  Some of my dreams are coming true.  So stay tuned for me to explain.    I just want to put it out there for now… but I am so excited that I don’t want to say too much more.  But you will be the first to know…as I think we are pretty good friends at this point.




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