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a seed inspired weed

May 20, 2015





On Saturday, as  I shoved the mower along the back yard  I thought, “she dead heads her neighbors dandelions?… I get it, but I really must be of the few people who love dandelions. As soon as you learn about them… you begin to love them… they are like a little message from God that He has put healing everywhere.  People think they are weeds.. but they are actually one of the healthiest things on the planet.  But I do get it, they do take over.” I pushed forward mowing over many puffy dandelions and many headless ones… adding to the reseeding of my own yard.   I had wanted to not mow and just let the sheep take care of it.. .but the P.A. Dutch in me couldn’t let everything get that ratty.    Sheep do not mow everything into nice neat rows…so there is also that. I kept thinking about that Instagram picture of  a  crown of dandelions that a far away friend had dead headed from all her neighbors yards.



Today a funny thing happened…. that same woman emailed me. She reached across an ocean to share the work of God.   He spoke to her in the language He speaks to me in… and He said, “tell her about the dandelions.”  Humorously enough… she kept trying not to insult me each time she referred to my writing as “weed seeds”.  I laughed thinking if only she knew how much I love dandelions… how He has spoken to me about dandelions so many times that I would not bore everyone with all my little yellow flower stories.  She referenced my book and how it will be like the dandelion seeds… being allowed to blow further than the original plant.   It was some awesome prophesy which I am indeed thankful for!  So much Holy Spirit all over her email.

For my entire day He kept repeating this to me…

What if she hadn’t shared her prophetic word with me?

What if her interaction with heaven was kept just between her and Him?

What if she hadn’t taken that time to hear?

What if she hadn’t responded to her relationship with Him?

I never would have known.

She wouldn’t have had that validation to know that the Holy Spirit is in crazy love and work within her!

She wouldn’t have known how very right on she is!

When you share your gifting with another person they get to see a facet of God and His love that they never would have seen!  The relationship He has with you is so unique and so different than the one He has with anyone else.. the only way that piece of Heaven is on earth is when you share it with others.  The more of your heavenly interactions which are shared is more of Him we all get to know.

He is talking all the time.

All the time He is talking.


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