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Walking Trees.

November 18, 2013

(Mark 8:24…” I see people, but they look like trees – walking trees.” Don’t tell me its about 2 part healing because He heals him in the next second…because that means HE needs a few tries and…yeah, no way, not buying that for a second)

So Thankful…

  • 5 Saturdays till Christmas
  • a baby and parents home from the nicu and snuggled in to their home.
  • getting a lot of my Saturday prep (for Sunday Dinner) accomplished on Friday.
  • Totally revamping and cleaning out my studio
  • an AMAZING friend who coached me through a new style haircut for my oldest…
  • Facetime on the iphone that made it all possible.
  • her amazing husband for bathing her baby so she could help me
  • learning new techniques for trimming this tribe’s locks.
  • waking up the next morning with a 13 year with AMAZING self esteem because of it.
  • big bucks in the back field.
  • celebrating our anniversary at 2:30 with so many people yesterday at SundayDinner.
  • elk steaks over the camp fire.
  • all the new people from all over here yesterday exchanging revelation and jokes.
  • late night kitchen talks about marriage with a guest …”What you guys have is different… your bond is forever, my wife and I have talked about it…what is your secret?”
  • Going to bed with those thoughts lulling me to sleep.


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  1. November 20, 2013 4:24 pm

    love all the beauty of creation and our socialability in love~

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