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H is for…

November 14, 2013

H is for…

Hats and Healing tea with your best friend…. or your great-best-friend as the case may be for the littlest ones.

(H  will also be about riding Horses(which in our world we have plenty of)… but she (The girls not the horse) has a bit of a hack and it’s we wait.)


















H is for … Habitats, Honey, Hives, Hens, Hands, House, Horse, Hot Air Balloons, Hedgehog, Herbs, Happiness, Heron, Hay bales,

A Book List for H…

James Herriot’s Treasure for Children… specifically “Bonny’s Big Day” (horse)

Halfway Herbert

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses  (can you tell we love it!)

Honey Honey Lion 

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

H is also for Holidays… and albeit I will be writing about our life and plenty of other things.. I will be shelving this Preschool Alphabet till after the first of the year… holy cow… There are only SIX SATURDAYS till Christmas!  In a home this size Holidays start early and fly by… and we have amazing family traditions that will take a front seat in learning and in loving.  But just so you know… it will only be this alphabet curriculum that will not be on my blog … plenty of writing will still be happening here… so stick around…it will be great! (ps….sorry for breaking the news about the 6 Saturdays…sheesh, crazy right!)


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  1. November 14, 2013 9:41 am

    What a wonderful day! Love your photos!

    No way. 6 Saturdays? That affects me in a way that the “days ’til Christmas” counts haven’t, ’til now. (thanks for the warning!)

  2. Loraine permalink
    November 14, 2013 10:14 am

    YIKES! Six Saturdays! So much to do and so little time, but I wouldn’t change a second of it. Be blessed as you race headlong into this Holy time of year.

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