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Perfectly Scheduling Your Week.

February 20, 2012

You look ahead into your week… you know all the appointments all the things which you have to get done.

Those lines you will wait in….

Those clients who have scheduled your time…

The children who were placed in your home…

The family which just stopped by…

those people who will be put in your path….

None of them got there by accident…

You are a royal heir to an immense Kingdom…

Each encounter is  aligned for a purpose.

Knowing He has organized your steps…guided your path…

If you were on a mission…and you are…How would you change the attitude of your day?

If you were living missionaly..and you are, regardless if you are good at it or not… You would treat the people He put in your path as if they were divine appointments?

When you do these things… and you invite the Spirit into every moment to guide your ways... You will walk in a spiritual world…

where you will see Him standing in all the moments you are to walk into.

This is about more than works.. this is about knowing Him better…

this is about, in these moments, recognizing HE is there...

His Kingdom come

walking up to His presence …welcoming,

building relationship with One who is there…right now….right  here.

Not walking by the moments which are all set up by Him…

Walking up to Him…not walking by Him and all that He has provided for you…

You are His Greatest Love.


So many things to be Thankful for…can I share a few?….

1.)My baby turning two…whether she likes it or not…“I wanna be da two”

2.)Learning about true worship… He is showing me a whole new concept and I am too protective of it…but it is so good.

3.)Lent…no seriously.. I just love the spiritual journey we take towards the cross

4.)Hearing someone sing over another.. I don’t know that I ever saw it so close up in all my life.. it broke my heart and put it back together at the same time.

5.)Knowing that sometimes God wants us to be able to lay it all down…but in the end there is a ram in the thicket.…something easier, already provided by Him.

6.)Little girls with bows  in their hair playing together.

7.)You readers… and your never unending kindness over the weekend…“The Vows”post was so personal and such a profound spiritual experience and your wonderfulness made me love you all more then ever!

8.)Hearing strong confirmation on what God will do here on Sunday dinners…I actually had to buy a journal to document all the answers to prayer which are happening…How can I encourage you to do this!

9.)Friends you can show weakness to… and you are still the same person in their eyes… what kind of people are these?

10.) Going to an art night tonight…and a husband who is in town so I can actually go!

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  1. February 20, 2012 9:30 am

    Happiest birthday to your little one…so sweet…I am learning this too…learning to be awake to the moments…His kingdom here…right where I am…

  2. Dr. Dre permalink
    February 20, 2012 9:54 pm

    isn’t it amazing how God took such a simple concept of getting together with some select people on a sunday and transformed it into something big. really big. bigger than we know i think.

  3. February 26, 2012 9:33 pm

    I just found your blog through a pic on Pinterest (Eucalyptus oil…THANK YOU; my daughter has been up all week with coughing fits; I am going to try this!)…What a blessing to have found you. This post hit home hard for me tonight. I needed to hear this. Thank you!

    • February 26, 2012 10:09 pm

      Oh good I hope you come back…it isn’t a small coincidence you found that post…

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