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dream big.

January 20, 2014


Can I just brag… this HusBen of mine… it wasn’t too long ago that someone scoffed criticism at the way he raises his sons…“I know your definition of manhood is strapping a guitar on… but that isn’t the case in the real world.”

It’s crazy what people feel they need to inform you of.  This man of mine …. he just laughed.  He serves a God of abundance.  He feels compassion for those who don’t.  He knows it’s hard for some to understand they aren’t slaves… He knows wearing royal robes screams truth to shame.  But this man of mine.. this team mate that He picked just for me… this man knows his Father has  thousands of cattle on  thousands of hills. The God he worships has no lack in Him.

So this man he takes a hobby and makes it art…

He takes dreams and makes realities…

he takes my abandoned self and calls me his wife

He takes orphans and calls them  son and daughters…

this man of mine

He takes an art… and he makes it a business.

He laughs when she said he was less of a man and a father because of his guitar…

and now Jesus Culture plays 2 of his guitars…

Leeland takes his guitars on tour.

we have shipped to almost every continent

and other headlining musicians who are signed to other guitar companies…secretly buy his guitars to play… because they have heard about NYguitars.

So many other exciting names …. but their guitars are in production… so I will wait to tell you about such fun.

So we need to expand… hire more luthiers (guitar builders) because we can’t make enough of these guitars of art which are changing the world.

This husBen of mine… he takes blocks of wood and makes them sing to Him.


So thankful…

  • That my best friend is home safe and sound from her “heart rejuvenation”
  • to know all of my kids love languages
  • that their father thinks agrees that is as important of a priority as I do.
  • for my husBen’s hobby , turned art… turned business.
  • for kids who are raised seeing parents go after their dreams.
  • for protective people that He is surrounding me with.
  • love… the act of it.. the transformation it has on people… just love.
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  1. January 20, 2014 4:17 pm

    Just lovely~ our God sees every wonderful detail and is glad when His kids take simple delight~ continued blessings your way dear friend

  2. January 21, 2014 1:44 pm

    Swoon. I have a young twenty something that would drop everything to learn and work with him. He has been searching for his calling and just came home from helping run a Winter youth retreat. I am so proud of him and his willingness to give of his talents and abilities. Keep singing his Praises T- it takes a real man to press into Him and dream. You are blessed indeed.

  3. January 21, 2014 10:47 pm

    🙂 no schooling in that area. He plays both acustic and his great love is the bass. Played worship for several years.
    He just completed a vocational orogram for automotive mechanics. He has also gone to training for running the soundboards and such at various churches. Looking into engineering of some sort. He is looking into a internship in Nashville at a recording studio and a few other things while attending college. Just feeling around.

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