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April 15, 2014



I always preface it with, “this is how we celebrate Passover … We weren’t raised celebrating … neither one of our families of origin did this… so we are blindly piecing it together.  We don’t do it with rules and regulations because for us … that was for a time where regulations and sticking to the Jewish laws was what saved you.  We feel now, for us,  that slaps in the face to all He has done.  So if you ever sit down to someone else’s Seder it will most likely be completely  different.  However, for us this is about passing stories to our children… We feel that the price has been paid and for us… this is about getting together in His Name, reminding our children and each other, all that He saved us from and how “We are what we celebrate” and this is a very real opportunity to celebrate Him.”


Every year I wonder if any one really cares about it as much as I do.  Is all this fuss worth it?

But first thing, with cereal bowl in hand , my son realized it was Passover he wrapped his arms around me, “OHHH I just remembered it is Passover!!!!”

Right before everyone left ,and we gathered for Communion and my eyes peeked open to see a holy circle of kids and friends my heart sighed.

As one of my dearest friends left she said, “wow this is my 3rd Passover here,” and I realized her children know no different : a new generation knows no different.

And that feeling I have every year, when I go to sleep  on Passover is unlike anything I have ever experienced … I know He thinks it is worth it … we are worth it to Him … and He is worth it to us.


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  1. jessie permalink
    April 15, 2014 9:18 am

    thank you so much for letting your life spill over into ours…we love celebrating with you, we love seeing our kids grow with yours, we love the rhythm of time spent together, we just love you guys the mostest:)

    ps. such beautiful hands!

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