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the new prince

November 25, 2014



Look at the little crown prince.

Like Sarah in the Word, his mama prayed for years. For years she watched the babies passed out to friends and family. We  only met a year or so ago and you would never know how heavy her heart was for a baby of her own. She was always laughing … always joking …scooping up the babies and whispering or squealing joy into their hearts. Just like Sarah she laughed and laughed when she finally saw the little plus sign that she had waited for.
I remember the Sunday Dinner where they called this “our little tribe”… and I teared up and held it in my heart…still do.
I remember the Sunday Dinner when she said she wouldn’t be back without her baby as she took her very pregnant self out the door.
I remember thinking … Oh you will be back one more week…. and they were.
That next week we all got around them… made them our “first priority“.
I remember her going into labor a day or two later.
They skipped just  one Sunday Dinner.
I tried to insist on more…”stay home… rest… we will be here.”
The first boy born into Sunday Dinner.    Crawling and walking around him is nothing but baby girls.
He didn’t know what hit him as we all cooed and tucked him in.
This is what a tribe looks like… a bunch of “aunties” clucking about….”get him a blanket”… “is he hungry” … “maybe a burp” … “what a boy … just look at him”…”oh my gosh look at his little toes!” … “get his socks back on”…
Our little tribe now has the long awaited little crown prince.

He’s pretty fabulous.

Take Care of the Living

November 14, 2014


I moved the pasture fence  to the last available section of new grass.  I had to hammer in each post wearing gloves.  My boots kicked off the ice on the water troughs. Autumn leaves trapped within the ice.   Seemingly overnight the flock has turned into barrels of wool with legs.  A barn full of hay has become a love language to me…. and this HusBen of mine has bought more hay then we can fit in our barn….an overflow … an abundance.

Autumn is a time of reflection…

What will I do differently?

What grew?

What flourished?

All are growing  nicely.

save one patch…

A pasture I have seeded multiple times barely grows.  Watered. Fertilized. Ample sun. Protected. Yet it doesn’t come into growth the way it should.  It has all the elements to be the lushest pasture I have … and nothing. I look over it’s congregation of growth and I see some living… and I smile to know the ground is good.  I know the Son is good.  I know the water is nourishing the willow tree with its deep roots.  So then what stops the rest from coming into the fullness?  Each seed contains everything it needs to sprout and grow… yet nothing. Why not grow?  Why choose to languish as a seed…Why be a dang seed if you don’t want to grow into what you were meant to be!  So what to do?  I read the Manual… these seeds were supposed to do something.  Do I give up on this pasture with promise? And I get it… there will be worn patches in every pasture…. but the whole thing shouldn’t be stunted, save a few plants.  Was I wrong to hope for everything to grow as thick and full as the few blooming beautiful living plants in there… as the Manual said it could?

Do I dig out those living… grow them where they will be appreciated?


What do I do?



I take care of the living.  I don’t know what I do with the rest.

I make soup stock…. because a Body meets here every Sunday to grow strong.

I take my sheep to the green pastures… and when that is done they feast on mountains of hay.

The season is changing…. so you take care of the living.



Why we are here…

November 10, 2014







Some Sunday Dinners are just special.   You watch people come up to a table filled with laughter and food and you can hear them wonder, “is there room for me here.”  Some will find their way… some need you to make way for them.  The ease of poured into relationships can be intimidating as much as it can be warm and inviting.  All the while the babies get passed around the table gobbling up treats from each “aunt” and each “uncle”.   A new baby will soon be passed around this table.  So with a table cleared and a kitchen looking like a tornado had spun in it… we gathered in the cleaner living room.  We insulated around these two soon to be family of three, bringing heaven to earth.  All of us expecting.

and then… pie





and a chorus of Happy Birthday to my very best friend for all her eighty some years.

and then a much needed Long Communion. “What is this life for?”  …

Go and make disciples… it means to go and make real relationships… the kind where you love each other like you love yourself.  It means to look into the eyes across the table and see the Divine work happening there…. and to love that  facet of your Creator that you would otherwise never see.  The more you live this way… the more you live in authentic relationship with other, the more of a Divine Creator you will be honored to see.  Each creation unique.  Each moment a gift.



Pent up…

November 4, 2014



Some days on a lucky Sunday Dinner…. a young man … a very strong ,some may say “full of himself”  young man shows up.  A strapping kind of a guy who is a few weeks from getting married… his bride half a world a way. A guy with that much pent up….err frustrations is just the man for the job of fixing the posts in the pasture ….with Ludo.  Needless to say there was some pushing about while he hammered the posts in. Neither of them knew much about each other yet  Ludo could sense this guy had something to prove.  It being Sunday Dinner, lent itself to everyone filling my studio in hopes for a good laugh.  It was funny to watch each of them not back down… each loyal to their post, so to speak.

Some days Sunday Dinner is about working out frustrations in a safe  environment.

I bet they both slept better that night.

In the pasture: still breeding …

October 31, 2014









I am always surprised when anyone asks me about my sheep. I think about them so much and I bore inform my HusBen about them to the point that I sincerely doubt anyone wants to hear about them.  So at the prompt of a reader… I shall give an update…

I have beautiful ole Ludo the ram out with my Benita and the discount sheep, Agate.  I have worked very hard to get Benita built back up after her milking stint in the summer.  She is a dairy powerhouse and getting her fat has been a challenge.  So once a day I walk outside and make a special clicking sound that she knows…because she is by far the most intelligent sheep that has ever walked the earth… and we meet secretly by the back of the barn where I give her extra feed.  Agate is the other sheep…and I guess she follows the old adage, “You get what you pay for”.  To do the whole thing over again I would have insisted we get two from Karras Farms and not this discount sheep that we happened upon later.  Then again, because of their vast differences I have learned a lot about what I like and how I can improve.  So in the end I guess it is really a bonus.  The good news is Ludo will make wonderful babies with her.  Wont it be great? Oh geez I hope it will be great!

The next phase of breeding season is about to begin starting November first.  I have been informed by the best in the dairy business that I need to breed dairy sheep the first year…and who am I to argue?  So Rose will be “shacking up” with Flint.  At first I was going to put her to Ludo… but as Flint is a little guy and I am not planning on keeping him ,I feel like it will be better for Rose’s first lamb to be smaller boned.  Which, if you have been keeping track, adds up to three ewes to lamb in the Spring.  Agate and Benita will be prone to having more than one lamb each this spring… so we may see twins from them.  All in all there will be lambs and quite a few!

When Ludo isn’t trying to woo the ladies he is busy fighting the latch on the barn door.  He turns his whole head blue from crashing it into the metal.  It has become a twinge intimidating to move him and the flock from pasture to pasture.  I feel like moving more sheep would be easier…as the rams would have more to keep themselves occupied with.  Garden our LGD is priceless to me when moving the sheep.  Albeit she isn’t a herding dog she understands the idea of helping me and how to block an opening with her slow moving self.  Staying as close as I can to Ludo keeps him in check.  Keeping my hand on his head to scratch his ears is the best for him as it keeps him in tune to being mine and not being the boss..because  if I give him five paces then he takes that opportunity to be in charge.  If I try and encourage him with the broom or wheel barrel you can see him answer back with, “Challenge accepted.”



What you need to do right now…

October 30, 2014

this ten minutes of your life… is what you need right now … the older man towards the end of this clip is wonderful… (and if you are looking at this in email… click here and enjoy  or here on YouTube)

and the beat goes on…

October 27, 2014

I feel like every other day is Friday .  I have lived in a swirl of activity…which is beautiful.

So many things which once weighed me down are gone… and now I get to see things with new eyes…

I get to experience life like never before…

and I am so thankful…

I am so very  thankful…




  • for a baby who loves books more than any baby before her… and when she is quiet and we don’t know where she is… we find her always surrounded by books on the gold couch  where her great grandmother once read books to me.
  • for getting to witness a prophetic dream played out in reality… a baby dedication of a baby whose name means The Fullness of God is Coming.
  • for cords of winter’s firewood stacked high and with joy.
  • for a husBen who tells CEO’s of major company’s that one of his biggest accomplishments is becoming his wife’s friend.
  • for a Sunday Dinner table filled with so much laughter we are left breathless
  • for a Sunday morning worship team with my kids on drums, keys, strings and singing.
  • for my eager learners
  • for honey scented lip gloss
  • for looking up and seeing my HusBen’s eyes all full of light as we go on a date… a new trend… a new freedom.





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