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Good Morning December 1st…

December 1, 2013

The tree is up and for the first time in my life we have multi colored lights… because I will do anything for that man…even buy  him multicolored lights.

I work well with themes… so I am still trying to decide what each week will be themed (in years past I have gone with sweets…or waldorf ideas..) …hmm….any ideas?  Either way I need to map this very busy month out on actual paper… and decide how I want it to look….


I need to organize.. (click on the many links!)


December 6th is St.Nic day…. and there seem to be a few scheduling conflicts with it… so it may look very different this year.  We have lovely memories here and here… I think we may have to get pretty creative this year!

December 21st is the shortest day… which weather permitting should go off like any other year.

Christmas is on a Wednesday so that mean Christmas Eve is on a Tuesday

~Then there will be plenty of makings and bakings~

Baked French Toast for Christmas morning.


Treats for the Birds.

Gifts to give away like lip balm and lotions.

Tutorial Page.

We stacked  the Christmas books and made them easy to get to from the cozy fire…

(which means we will be at Jan Brett’s website many many times!)


I am looking back over all my notes from Christmas over the years…some of my previous  checklists are

Simple Christmas


Christmas Cheat Sheet.

Truthfully, after reviewing those lists and jotting  down some new ideas … this is going to be great!

Do you have any family traditions… or awesome Pinterest pins you care to share?!


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  1. December 1, 2013 10:05 pm

    I know this is cheating, an idea for future Christmases. I first decorate the tree with white lights, I string the lights with them turned on to see how it looks. Then I turn the white off and string the colored lights. I can turn on white or colored, or both depending on who is home, me or him. Wink. Last year we bought an artificial tree with white lights so I will string colored ones on it once its put together I suppose. I can’t wait to see your lists. I have books collected over the years from wherever I can put my hands on them. I’ve divided up the fall themed and winter and Christmas ones. So from September to February I can rotate new books in and out. Looking for new traditions to start with number four so thank you for the great ideas. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. December 4, 2013 11:56 am

    We string the colored lights on the inside of the tree to add depth, and then white on the outside to “light up” the ornaments. This also represents compromise that has evolved over 28 years of marriage.

    There were years when I, too, had not-my-favorite-but-I-love-you-multi-colored lights! Then there were years when I would come home to a tree being strung with white-lights-are-sorta-boring-but-hey-you-like-them-and-I-love-you…


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