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fixing my garden.

February 4, 2014


I bought a little fairy garden last year about this time.  There were things I liked about it.. and things I didn’t.    In this little garden grew a little tree.. and I like the height of it… but once I got it home it was a messy tree.  It dripped a sap all over everything… and the more I looked at it, it reminded me of sumac.  One day in a pregnant cleaning frenzy I clipped that little tree to the ground… no more icky sticky mess.  It was so freeing.  Ask anyone… I let things grow where they are… it’s just a weird thing about me.  For me to cut this tree down …must have been the pregnancy.  Oh and I threw out that stupid looking fairy that came with it… something about it.. I didn’t like the way it looked. Done.

Then a while later out grew a little shoot. “wow”…. I stared at that for a few days. What to do?

No going back.


Often it is healthier to feel uncomfortable for a few seconds and just do what you need to do, then to go back to old patterns that are toxic…


Now just the other day I bought exactly what I want in that garden.  A useful herb… with height.  Perfect.  As I dug this healing plant a little place…. I came across  a bunch of roots. I had clipped off the tree, but I hadn’t dug out the roots because they were too twined with the other plants… but no more.  I pulled on them…and like a bunch of little broken legs one after another I removed all these dead roots….to make way for the living…for the healing… for the beautiful.






 just be uncomfortable for a little bit…. instead of living uncomfortably.

by being diligent in keeping it out of my garden…. the roots withered… they released their tangled hold on the other plants.  All the work was done for me.  I just picked each out…piling them next to my garden.  With a swipe I deleted they never existed.  Now right where that sticky toxic plant stood… is what I really wanted there all along.




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